Friday, June 6, 2014

Night Wildfire Training in Tehachapi, California

Cummings Ranch Fire - Tehachapi, California
Last night I was kept awake by the Southern California Interagency Night Vision Goggle Fire Suppression Drill that the Kern County Fire Department hosted. Helicopters and other aircraft were flying over and near my house until about one in the morning.

Basically a controlled fire was set on a hillside not far from my home near Tehachapi on the historic Cummings Valley Ranch. Then aircraft and ground crews put the fire out. All of this took place in the dark.

Wildfire season is upon us here in California, and this is supposed to prepare the fire crews for the devastation that will surely come. Hopefully they found this training helpful. Perhaps this practice will allow them to more quickly extinguish wildfires in the future.

I did go out at the beginning of the training event with my Samsung NX200 and 50-200mm lens. I was a little too far away to get any real good photographs. They wouldn't let anyone get closer than the place where I watched from.

I accidentally left my tripod at home--no problem! I used the roof of my vehicle as a sturdy surface and the camera's self-timer to prevent camera shake.

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