Friday, July 25, 2014

A Day In Bakersfield (Or, It Doesn't Matter What Camera You Have)

No Parking - Bakersfield, California
About a week-and-a-half ago I found myself in Bakersfield, California with some time to kill and a camera in my hand. I actually had two cameras: a Sigma DP2 Merrill and my cell phone, a Nokia Lumia 1020.

It was a hot, humid, overcast day. Summer monsoon weather. It was a terrible day to be outdoors, yet the lighting was interesting for photography.  
Tree On A Grass Hill
I captured the images you see here with the two cameras that I had. I won't mention until the very bottom which photographs are from which camera. Does it matter? Not really. But I bet you cannot tell just by looking at them.

The difference is that one camera cost me $100 and the other over $700. Oh, and the $100 camera doubles as a smart phone. The point is this: do not worry about what camera you do or do not own, just use to the best of your ability the one that you have with you.
Summer Butterfly - Bakersfield, California
Stadium Seating - Bakersfield, California
Wishing Fountain - Bakersfield, California
Dry River & Sky Full of Promise - Bakersfield, California
Handicap Seating - Bakersfield, California
Bee In A White Rose - Bakersfield, California
California Weed - Bakersfield, California
Industrial Reflection - Bakersfield, California
A Little Birdie Said To Keep It Simple - Bakersfield, California
A triple exposure. I captured this inside a Target store.
5K Adventure - Bakersfield, California
So which photographs do you think came from the Lumia 1020 and which do you think came from the DP2 Merrill? No Parking, Summer Butterfly, Bee In A White Rose and A Little Birdie Said To Keep It Simple were all captured using my cell phone. The other photographs were captured with the Sigma camera.

Are the photographs better that were captured using the $700 camera? No, they're all about the same. Did you find it difficult to tell which images came from which cameras? Well, that is because photographic vision matters most in photography. Cameras are not all that important.

The photographer determines the outcome of an image, not the camera. That is why I can use any number of different cameras and lenses and even film and digital, and in the end my photographs look like they were all captured by me.

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