Thursday, July 3, 2014

An Americana - Three Photographs of Bodfish, California

An Americana - Bodfish, California 
Bodfish, California is a tiny town in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, right next to Lake Isabella. It was first settled 1867 during the gold rush. The town survives as a "suburb" of the larger (but still small) town next door. Tourism is the largest local industry. 

The town of Bodfish is quite poor. The median household income is less than 35% of the state's median household income. Many residents live in manufactured homes, and many of those are aging.
Blue Carburetor - Bodfish, California 
Yet in that aging there is beauty. The brokenness creates interest. There is hope in what might be a hopeless place, if for no other reason than this is America.

I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill to capture these photographs. They were post-processed using Alien Skin Exposure 6.
Broken Angels - Bodfish, California

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