Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Like Learning History (Myer Field - Mojave, California)

Abandoned Industrial Building #1 - Mojave, California
I like learning about history. I especially learning the history of the abandoned buildings that I photograph. I get a thrill when I discover some tidbit of forgotten past.

Yesterday, while digging around for information on some abandoned places, I found out some history of an building that I photographed back in November. As it turns out, this abandoned industrial building was originally a hanger at a small airport called Myer Field.
Industrial Lines - Mojave, California
The airport sat on the outskirts of the tiny town of Mojave, just a little southwest of the current Mojave airport. Myer Field was built around 1951-1952 and it had two unpaved runways. The airport didn't last long, and it closed sometime in the late-1950's. The outline of one of the runways can still be seen using Google Earth.
After the airport closed the hanger found new life, apparently being used by a few different businesses over the years. It now sits abandoned and falling apart, slowing succumbing to the harsh desert.

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