Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Illuminated By The Super Moon - Or, My Last Samsung NX200 Photographs

Night Mystery - Stallion Springs, California
I'm parting ways with my Samsung NX200, which I've had for over two years now. If Samsung didn't charge so much for their prime lenses, I probably would have kept it. I've captured some good photographs with this camera and I'm kind of sad to see it go. But it is time to let it go. In fact, I've already moved on.

The very last time I used the NX200 was during the last "super moon" a few weeks ago. I brought along a 50mm-200mm lens and a tripod. The hope was to capture the rising moon underneath an arching oak tree.
A Haunting Dream - Stallion Springs, California
The weather didn't completely cooperate, as there were some clouds in the eastern sky. The moon wasn't exactly where I was anticipating it, either. Yet neither of those turned out to be bad things. I simply had to change my vision.

The top photograph, Night Mystery, is the image that I was trying to create. The moon is obscured by the moving clouds and the tree trunk. I like the uneasiness of the scene. The bottom photograph, A Haunting Dream, was a happy accident. During the long exposure, my son, who had been playing around while I was photographing, accidentally tripped over one of the tripod legs. I was upset until I saw the exposure.

It was a good last experience with the camera. But time and technology marches on, and it is time that I did, too.

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