Friday, August 8, 2014

My Latest Street Photography

No Parking - Bakersfield, California
I don't do a lot of street photography. It's just not my thing. But sometimes my photographic vision falls into the street photography genre. Last December I shared some of my photographs that might be considered street photographs.

Street photography is walking city blocks and/or neighborhoods and capturing images that show what it is like to be in those areas. These photographs often feature people, but that is not a requirement. Wikipedia's definition of "photography that features the human condition within public places" is a simple way to understand street photography.
Epoch - Stallion Springs, California
I captured these images in my neighborhood, and in Bakersfield, Bodfish, Kramer's Junction, Mojave, Tehachapi and Valencia. These places couldn't be more different from each other, yet these photographs look like they belong together.

These photographs were captured using a Sigma DP2 Merrill, a Nokia Lumia 1020 and a Nikon D3200. Does it matter which photographs came from which camera? Can you tell? Equipment isn't nearly as important as vision.
American Appeal - Tehachapi, California
Free Samples Today - Bodfish, California
5K Adventure - Bakersfield, California
It's A Long Ways Down - Stallion Springs, California
This is on the fringe of what might be considered street photography. This view is right in my neighborhood and the guy didn't know that I captured him, so that's why I included it.
Three Chairs - Stallion Springs, California
Get Smart - Bakersfield, California
Red Leaf - Valencia, California
Handicap Seating - Bakersfield, California
An Americana - Bodfish, California
Broken Angels - Bodfish, California
76 - Kramer's Junction, California
Penske Colors - Tehachapi, California
Blue And Red Wall - Mojave, California
The Trendsetter - Stallion Springs, California
Bird photographs may not be considered "street" by some people, but there is in fact commentary on the human condition in this image.
A California Home - Stallion Springs, California
Do Not Block Door - Tehachapi, California

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