Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perilous Journey - Photographs of Roadside Memorials (Part 3)

Reoccurring Nightmare - Lancaster, California
Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

I was told that the first two parts of this series were a little too high on the drama, so I'm toning it down a bit in this part. Instead of talking about roadway statistics, I'll discuss a little more of the process of the project.

The number one question that I get is, "Where do you find all of those roadside memorials?" I find them on my normal routes that I drive every day. I keep an eye out as I travel to where ever it is that I'm going.

Interestingly, I've passed by some of the memorials hundreds of times and never noticed them. I guess it is easy to overlook something when you are not trying to find it.

There are about six or seven memorials that I've seen that I have no intentions of photographing. This is because they are along freeway right-of-ways. That's just not safe, so they'll have to remain unexposed.

When I find roadside memorials, I try to figure out good ways to express what I feel about them through photographs. Often times that means including automobiles in the photographs. I think doing so adds additional context and drama to the scenes.

I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill to capture these photographs. They were post-processed using Alien Skin Exposure 6 software.
Two White Crosses - Rosamond, California
Steph - Rosamond, California
Margaret - Rosamond, California
The Flag Waves High - Rosamond, California
Nick Wilson - Rosamond, California
Sorrow - Palmdale, California
Dale Detjen - Mojave, California

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