Thursday, September 18, 2014

Abandonment: Motel - Rosamond, California

Abandoned Window Morning - Rosamond, California
There is an old abandoned motel in Rosamond, California that I recently photographed. This place, located off of the historic Sierra Highway, was surrounded by chain-link fence. A section of the fence had fallen, so I was able to gain access. I didn't see any "no trespassing" signs.

Inside I found an interesting mix of scenes. Some rooms had some cool retro furniture. Other rooms were vacant. Several rooms were torn apart and trashed. Some rooms looked like they were in the process of being remodeled when the place closed. 
Sunrise Through Old Window Shade - Rosamond, California
The hotel consisted of two buildings. The first building is where the office was located. The rooms were accessed from the outside. The rooms on the south side of the building all look like they were in the early stages of remodel. There was one larger room that may have been a lounge of some sort.

The second building had room access from an interior hallway. The rooms in this structure did not have individual plumbing. Instead there was a large bathroom for all to share. I found some old appliances in this building, too.
Room 7 - Rosamond, California
I don't know much about this motel--I'm not even sure of the name. I can guess that it may have been built in the 1940's or 1950's. I'm not really sure when or why it closed, but it has been closed for a while now. It may have been used as apartments of some sort in its last days.

This motel in Rosamond was interesting to visit because it was like stepping back in time. I think when the place closed the doors were sealed up and for a while it was maintained and watched. Time went by and security disappeared, the fence fell and the windows were broken and the doors opened, revealing a time capsule of sorts.  
Vanity - Rosamond, California
Abandoned Motel - Rosamond, California
Home Perfect - Rosamond, California
Half Cup - Rosamond, California
Yellow Reading Chair - Rosamond, California
Yellow Zebra - Rosamond, California
Shelvador - Rosamond, California
Old Motel Chair - Rosamond, California

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