Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Abandonment: Weird Place In The Desert - Mojave, California

Forgotten Fireplace - Mojave, California
I stumbled upon a weird old place in the desert near Mojave, California. I'm not really sure what I found, exactly. Was it a home? A business? Something else? It is abandoned, and has been for many, many decades.

What stands is a large rock chimney, two small stucco structures with wire windows, a bunch of foundations and a basement. It almost looks like it might have been a community of some sort (Hotel? Lodge? Camp?). 
Tire Window - Mojave, California
Not enough is left to answer the many questions that I have about this place. The internet didn't turn up anything at all.

Now it sits empty slowly succumbing to the harsh desert environment. It can be seen from Highway 58, but I doubt that many even notice.
Alien - Mojave, California

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