Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Five-Year-Old Playing Football

A Football Dream - Stallion Springs, California
About a week ago my five-year-old son wanted to play some football. We have an NFL-sized football in a basket with some other sports equipment. He pulled it out and begin to throw, kick and run.

I grabbed my camera (a Nikon D3300 with a 55-200mm zoom lens attached).
The Forward Pass - Stallion Springs, California
There were some clouds in the eastern sky and I wanted to incorporate those into the images. There's a lot more interest and drama in the photographs because I did that. 

It was early afternoon so the lighting was terrible--harsh and from above. Because I wanted the clouds in the image the scenes are slightly back-lit. I used Alien Skin Exposure 6 to post-process the photographs.
Fingertip Catch - Stallion Springs, California
The Kick - Stallion Springs, California
Spiral Pass - Stallion Springs, California

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