Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Railroad Photographs

BNSF 4964 - Tehachapi, California
One of the more popular posts on the Roesch Photography Blog is How To Photograph Trains - 10 Tips For Capturing Railroads. I'm a little embarrassed by that post because some of the images became disconnected from the article (I don't know why that happened, but it happened to a bunch of my posts on the same day a while back). Back in May I published a new post called 10 Tips For Photographing Trains

Some other posts with railroad photographs are Railroad Photographs, Photographing Seven Brand New GE C45ACCTE Locomotives, Train Derailment In Tehachapi, California, The Tehachapi Loop, and Union Pacific #4014 Big Boy Steam Locomotive - Mojave, California. There are, of course, many other posts with railroad related images, as well.
Covered Hoppers - Mojave, California
Anyway, railroads are not my favorite subject to photograph, but when you live in a train mecca like Tehachapi, California, it undoubtedly works its way into one's vision. In this post you'll find three train photographs that I recently captured.

Something that you probably don't know about me (unless you personally know me) is that I was once a Train Dispatcher for the Union Pacific Railroad. Train Dispatchers operate signals and switches and are otherwise responsible for the safe and efficient operation of mainline track. The area (or "desk") that I worked was in south and central Texas. That was almost a decade ago. It was an experience (for good and bad) that I won't soon forget.
Train In The Desert - Mojave, California

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