Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daylight Savings Ends - Don't Forget To Change The Clocks On Your Camera

The annual exercise in insanity that we all partake in ended last night at 2:00 AM. Yes, Daylight Savings Time is over.

Some clocks, such as the ones on our computers and cell phones, will automatically adjust one hour back. Other clocks, such as the ones on our walls and microwaves, will not, and will have to be set an hour back manually.

One clock that is easily overlooked is the one found in the digital camera. This may not seem like a big deal since you don't use this clock to tell time. But the time is recorded onto the image's EXIF file. Later on, when you are trying to figure out when you captured an image, it will tell you the wrong time if it isn't set correctly.

When I set up my Nikon D3300, I accidentally set the clock 12 hours off. Oops! I discovered this when putting together my Yosemite series. Having the correct time on your camera can be important, so don't forget to set it back an hour.
Time Record - Stallion Springs, California
This whole time-changing business is just nuts. Think about it, time doesn't magically jump forward an hour in the spring. We make-believe that it does. And then in the fall we stop pretending that the time is different than it actually is.

Why do we all blindly use a fictional time in the summer? What's the point in setting our clocks to a phony hour?

There are two reasons, and they're both dumb.

First, environmentalists think that we use less electricity in the summer when the time is adjusted. This isn't logical and it isn't reality. You don't actually use less electricity by getting up and going to bed an hour early. Several studies show that Daylight Savings actually increases energy consumption by a tiny amount, which is the opposite of what is supposed to happen.

Second, the travel industry likes Daylight Savings because it gives vacationers an extra hour of daylight in the evenings when these people are out and about. And studies have shown that vacationers will spend a little more money because of this.

An interesting study out of the University of Alabama shows that heart attacks increase about 10% the two days after we "spring" our clocks forward. Yikes! Another study shows that, due to the interruption in our circadian clock, after the Daylight Savings time changes people are less productive and are more likely to become ill.

Besides that, farmers don't like Daylight Savings. They have to adjust what they do, which causes problems for them. Cows don't care much for the time changes, and dairy farmers are particularly impacted by this.

In reality, Daylight Savings is a ploy to get us to spend more of our hard-earned money on our summer travels. That's the only so-called benefit. The environmentalists are pretending that less electricity is being used, much like we are pretended in July that it is five o'clock in the afternoon instead of four o'clock. And in return for the great benefit we are having more heart attacks. Great! Spending and dying more--sounds like a winning government policy to me.

Arizona apparently is the only state left in America that hasn't gone insane. They refuse to observe Daylight Savings, and Arizonans will tell you that the rest of the country is crazy for pretending that the time is different than it actually is.

Anyway, now that we have "fallen back" we are no longer living in a world of make-believe. We have stopped kidding ourselves that the time is an hour later than it actually is. That is, until March 8th when we do this ridiculous dance again.

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