Friday, November 7, 2014

Photograph Close To Home

Autumn Yellow - Tehachapi, California
It's nice to travel to amazing locations to photograph. I recently visited Yosemite National Park and came away with some good images. But you don't have to go far to create great art. Where you live, wherever that may be, offers plenty of photographic opportunities.

It is the photographer's job to find interest where others overlook it. It is the photographer's job to find beauty where others don't see it. It is the photographer's job to take the ordinary and mundane and turn it on its head.

No matter where you live, there is plenty around you that is worthy of your camera's attention. There is so much right where you are at that could potentially become a great photograph. You've just got to find it.

There are interesting scenes throughout your neighborhood. Even in ordinary places, extraordinary photographic opportunities abound. Besides, limitations improve art and obstacles are meant to be overcome.

Think of photographing close to home as a challenge. Prove to yourself that you can create great images near where you are. Think outside the box and be creative. You'll surprise yourself at what you come up with.

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