Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Travel: Disneyland - Photography Notes

Monochrome Curves - Anaheim, California
I found this new-leaf growth on a plant while waiting in a line for a ride. It was converted to black-and-white because color wasn't important to the image. I added contrast to make it more dramatic.

Like with my recent trip to Yosemite, I'm concluding this series with some photography notes. In this post you'll find my favorite photographs plus some other images that I wanted to comment on.

As I mentioned in the first Disneyland post, all of the photographs were captured using a Nikon D3300 DSLR with a Nikkor 40mm AF-S DX F/2.8G Micro lens attached to it. All I needed was one camera and one lens and nothing else. All of the photographs were post-processed using Alien Skin Exposure 6 software.
Carthay Circle Theatre - Anaheim, California
This is a replica of a famous structure in Los Angeles that existed from 1926 to 1969. 
Red Car Trolley - Anaheim, California
This falls into the category of Street Photography. The image works because the driver (and to a lesser extent the person to the right) are looking at the camera.
Two In Mater's Junkyard - Anaheim, California
I purposely composed this back-lit, placing the strong sun at the top-left corner behind the girl. I wanted to give the feeling of late-afternoon warmth.
Ornament Valley From Radiator Springs - Anaheim, California
If Radiator Springs, Arizona, and the Ornament Valley National Park were real, this is what a photograph captured there might look like. 
Flo's V8 Cafe - Anaheim, California
Gotta love the neon lights. This makes me want to travel Route 66 and visit the real towns found along the old highway. 
Flo's Cafe - Anaheim, California
I just love how this looks and feels like a real place, as if I was at some intersection in some small town along the Mother Road and found this cafe. 
Buena Vista Street Trolley - Anaheim, California
Another "street" image. If this had been a color photograph it would have been bland and ordinary. As monochrome it looks classic. Note the use of the track as a leading line from the bottom-right corner to the trolley.
Stages of Blossom - Anaheim, California
This macro image is moody. I underexposed it slightly and added contrast and grain.  It works far better as black-and-white than color because in color the feeling is completely different. 
Columbia Sunset - Anaheim, California
The sunset wasn't actually this nice. It was quite bland and boring, in fact. I bumped up the saturation a whole bunch, and also added a semi-transparent warm-orange/yellow color layer to increase the amount of color found in the photograph. 
Blue Water - Anaheim, California
During The World of Color show lights turn the water a bunch of different colors. I thought that a photograph of the water blue was appropriate. 
Frightening Fire - Anaheim, California
If you look carefully (and squint) you can see what looks like a scary face. That was a happy accident.
Colorful Mickey Mouse - Anaheim, California
This is the post-show colors. It stayed this way for perhaps five minutes after the show ended.
Thirsty - Anaheim, California
This image was staged. Yes, the kids were thirsty, but I told them where to stand and what to do.
Future Design - Anaheim, California
This photograph is about lines, repeated shapes and contrast and pretty much nothing else.
Take Me Back In Time - Anaheim, California
Was this captured in 2014 or 1914? By not including too much I was able to create some mystery.
Rosamond Tufa - Anaheim, California
This is found on the Big Thunder Mountain ride. I learned that this fake mountain was made from dirt mined near Rosamond, California. It's supposed to resemble the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon in Utah, but to me it looks more like tufa found at Mono Lake. I guess it isn't exactly like either. I darkened the sky to simulate the use of an orange filter.
Blossom Colors - Anaheim, California
This is one of my favorite flower images. The bonus is the tiny bug. The only thing that would have made it better is if the bug was facing towards the camera. 
Tom Sawyer's Island - Anaheim, California
The only thing that makes this image work is contrast.
Columbia - Anaheim, California
This is a replica of the Columbia Rediviva, which was the first American ship to sail the globe. It was also the first ship to navigate the Columbia River (the river was named after the ship). 
Ornament Valley - Anaheim, California
These fake rocks look real enough that you would think that Ornament Valley was a real place and that this image was captured there. The only thing missing are some star trails in the black sky.
Gas, Oil, Coolant - Anaheim, California
I couldn't get enough images of the neon lights. The brilliant colors lend themselves well to photography.

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