Thursday, December 18, 2014

Magazines Are Expensive - Blogs Are Free

Even Uneven - Tehachapi, California
I mentioned yesterday that I'm currently serving jury duty. On my lunch break today I headed over to a book store to grab a photography magazine to help entertain myself.

I was shocked! Not at the selection. Not at the quality. Not at the content. The price stickers gave me sticker shock!

Magazines apparently are not affordable anymore.

The most expensive photography magazine was $30. There were a couple options at $20 and a couple at $15. Most were in the $11-$13 range. I found only three photography magazines for under $10.

Now many issues were "specials" wrapped in plastic. Some included CDs or DVDs or something else not typically found in a magazine. A few were particularly large.

Magazines make most of their money from advertisements. The news stand price typically pays for the unsold copies, and sometimes add a little to the profits. Most of the money doesn't come from the readers, but those hoping to sell something to the reader.

In reality, most magazines could sell their publication for $1 and still make a profit. It may not be an ideal profit, but perhaps the cheaper magazine will get more buyers and can then charge the advertisers more.

I personally won't pay over $10 for an issue of a magazine. It's 50% ads. I'm paying to view ads. Maybe if the magazine was ad free I'd pay that much.

Better than magazines are blogs (like this one). The information can be just as good, but it's often published more quickly. And, if you read a lot of different blogs, you'll find more information than you ever could in a stack of magazines.

Blogs are good. Magazines are, too, if they're not so expensive.

Oh, and what does the image at the top have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. I'm typing this post on my phone and it was convenient to use. 

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