Friday, December 26, 2014

So You Got A New Camera...

Nikon D3200
Perhaps you got a camera like this for Christmas.
Just a quick post for those who received a new camera for Christmas and are wondering where to go from here. Well, below you'll find links to all sorts of helpful posts on the Roesch Photography Blog. There are, of course, tons and tons of other great posts that you can search or browse for on the right side of the page.


So You Got A DSLR, Now What?

Five Essential Elements of Photographic Vision

Creativity In Photography

Don't Have G.A.S.

Photography Is A Lie

Photography Should Be Uncomfortable

Less Is More In Photography

Limitations Improve Art

What Is Art? Are You A Creator?

Things I Wasn't Taught In Photography School

Photography Isn't Documenting. Photography Is Interpreting.

The Decisive Moment

Don't Wait For Inspiration

My Photographs Stink - Or, How To Keep Moving Forward

Failure And Photography 

Delete Bad Photographs - Actually, Delete All Photographs That Are Not Good

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