Friday, January 30, 2015

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Mystery Drive - Stallion Springs, California
I had a print of this photograph, so I entered it in a photography contest.
You should print your photographs. Don't let them be just digital images on your hard drive. Have a physical print made.

Why? Because it is tangible--you can touch it. Because digital will only last so long (hard drive will crash or the format it is saved in will become obsolete or it will get lost in folders and forgotten about). Because people (besides yourself) might have a chance at seeing the printed image, especially if you display it somewhere. Because it is just cool viewing your image as a printed photograph.

For me, a whole new reason emerged.

A local art gallery hosts on annual photography contest. I've been meaning to enter each of the last several years (ever since I moved here from Arizona), but each time I failed to do so. Either I was unaware of the dates until it was too late, or I just got busy and forget. For whatever reason it just slipped by. The same thing almost happened again this year. I found out about the contest deadline at the last minute.

Thankfully I had printed photographs that I could easily prepare for entry. If I hadn't had these images printed several months ago, I would have missed another year of entering the competition. Instead, I was actually able to do what I've been intending to do for several years now.

So print those images! Make physical photographs from those digital files. You never know when they'll come in handy.

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