Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughts: Samsung NX500

Samsung announced earlier this month that they'll be releasing a new compact interchangeable-lens camera called the NX500. Internally it's the same camera as the NX1, which is pretty highly regarded with a 28-megapixel APS-C sized sensor that is back-side illuminated. It also can record 4K video.

As you may know, I've owned two Samsung NX cameras: the NX200 and the NX210. They were both good cameras, but ultimately I decided that the low-ISO image quality wasn't quite what I was after (it was close) and the high-ISO capabilities were not quite good enough to make up for that. After using them for awhile, I thought if Samsung could make the image quality just a little better that they'd really have an excellent product (I moved on to some other cameras).

So the NX1 comes out and it has improved low-ISO image quality and significantly improved high-ISO capabilities. They made some other improvements, too. It's an all-around better camera than the two that I used to own. But it's also a bit bulky and has a $1,500 price tag.

I'm not exactly sure what the differences are between the NX1 and the NX500, other than the NX1 is capable of 15 frames-per-second and the NX500 is capable of nine. Oh, the NX500 doesn't have a built-in electronic viewfinder (this will be a deal-breaker for some, and completely unimportant to others). Just quickly looking over the data sheets on both there wasn't a whole lot else to differentiate between the two cameras.

The two biggest differences are size-and-weight and cost. The NX500 is significantly smaller and lighter and will run you $500 less. The NX500 sure sounds like the better bargain to me.

Honestly, I think (and I'm saying this having never used the camera) that this new generation of Samsung NX cameras are every bit as good as those by Nikon, Canon and Sony, and perhaps even better. Samsung is making a push to be the best, and only time will tell if they succeed commercially.

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