Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sentimental Saturday - Photos of The Day

The Roesch Photography Blog has been around for four years now, and to celebrate that I've been publishing a series of posts called Sentimental Saturday. It's like Throwback Thursday, except it's on Saturdays.

The first Sentimental Saturday was about the very first post on this blog. The second Sentimental Saturday featured some photographs from the first handful of posts. The next Sentimental Saturday was about an early post dealing with gear. This is post is the fourth in the series.

About eight months into this blog I started a series called Photo of The Day. I attempted to post one photograph each and every day (I wasn't always successful at that). It went on for about four months.

Below are some of the Photo of The Day photographs from November and December of 2011. I believe that my photography skills have greatly improved since these were captured. I'm sometimes embarrassed when I look back at my old images, because back when I captured them I thought that they were better than they really were. Even so, I think these ones are decent enough to re-share. Enjoy!
Freight Train At Days End - Tehachapi, California
Monolith - Tehachapi, California
Golden Field - Tehachapi, California
Oak Trees And Snowy Mountain - Tehachapi, California
Foggy Night Emergency - Tehachapi, California
Coal Train At Sunrise - Mojave, California
Moon Over Desert Sunrise - Mojave, California
Burger Spot - Tehachapi, California
BNSF Climbing The Pass - Tehachapi, California
Waiting Under The Light - Tehachapi, California
Union Pacific In The Desert - Mojave, California
Christmas Carousel - Mojave, California
Train And Truck - Tehachapi, California
Climbing Tehachapi Pass - Tehachapi, California
Kodak 35mm Camera - Hesperia, California

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