Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sentimental Saturday - A Quick Look Back In Time (#SentimentalSaturday)

Nevada Time - Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona
This month marks the four-year anniversary of the creation of the Roesch Photography Blog. The beginnings were very humble--I'm amazed at how far this blog has come! I've learned so much from doing this.

In honor of that, I'm starting a new weekly feature: Sentimental Saturday. Certainly you've heard of "Throwback Thursday" and maybe even the less popular "Flashback Friday". Interestingly, there is something like that for every day of the week, except for Saturday.

The only thing I could find for Saturday is "Caturday"--apparently you are supposed to post cat pictures. That's certainly not going to happen here!
Lake And Dam - Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona
So I'm starting something new called Sentimental Saturday (for you Tweeters and Instagramers out there, that's #SentimentalSaturday). It's basically the same thing as Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, except on--wait for it--Saturday.

On Saturdays, starting today, I will be sharing stories and photographs from the early months of the Roesch Photography Blog. For this post I'll share from the very first post ever on this blog. I said:
"It was an impromptu stop with family en route from Las Vegas to Phoenix at noon on a crowded day. The lighting was harsh, the desert was dry, the lake was low--yet, somehow, inspite of that, the photographs still conveyed the dramatic scene and the beauty of the massive structure, the deep canyon, the tall bridge, and the large lake. These photographs, which should have been 'ordinary' because of the conditions, were actually pretty good. Did I make the photograph great? Or did the scene make the photograph great in spite of me?"
In reality, the photographs weren't all that great. I thought they were at the time, but looking back they certainly could have been better. I didn't really understand photographic vision back then. But I can see the progress, and really the progress is what matters--always improving, always moving forward. I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't passed through that point four years ago.

The two photographs in this post were captured on that day at the mighty Hoover Dam. The trip was long, especially for my two kids who were very young, and it was good to get out of the car, stretch our legs and see the grand and iconic sight.

I wonder, as I look back in time at this, how I will view today four years from now. Will I cringe a little at my "great" images? Perhaps it is not the photographs that are even the important part of the story. Maybe it's the time spent with family and the memories of impromptu stops that matter most.

It's always good every now and then to take a moment and look behind at where you've been. In this way you can gauge how far you've come and also have a better understanding of where you're going.

Thank you for taking this trip with me down memory lane on this Sentimental Saturday.

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