Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sentimental Saturday - Your Camera Doesn't Matter

Pool Chairs and Lake - Goodyear, Arizona
The Roesch Photography Blog has been around for four years now. In honor of that I've been doing Sentimental Saturday, which is the same thing as Throwback Thursday, except on Saturday. Specifically, I'm re-posting nuggets from the early days of this blog. The excerpt below is from a post published about six months into this experiment. The photograph above, which was captured using a "free" cell phone, accompanied the article. 
Your camera doesn't matter. If you are a good photographer you can use any camera and make good photographs. If you are not a good photographer you can use even the most expensive camera and still not make good photographs. 
The camera is just a tool. A camera is to the photographer what a paintbrush is to a painter. If you gave a great painter a generic set of paintbrushes from Walmart, he or she would still be able to create great works of art. Yes, the artist might prefer higher quality brushes, but the brushes do not make the painting great, the painter does. 
The camera does not make a photograph great, the photographer does. 
Most people own a cell-phone, and most cell phones have a built-in digital camera. Most people have the tool required to be a photographer with them right in their own pocket or in their purse: a camera. That's all you need! Learn to be a good photographer, and you could use that tool to make good photographs.

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