Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Google Adsense Stinks

Nobody pays me to write the Roesch Photography Blog (and also The Urban Exploration Photography Blog). There are many reasons that I do this. I feel that it is important to "give back" to the photography continuum. This is good advertisement space--people "discover" me through this blog and occasionally buy my images. I'm branding myself in a way.

One reason that I do this is for money. My time is precious and I appreciate a little monetary compensation for all that I put into this. That's why you see a few small ads on the page.

Those advertisements are put there by Google. They call it Adsense. I agree to allow them to place ads on my blog (they give me a little control over it), and in return I get a small amount of revenue from the ads. And I mean small.

What's frustrating about Google Adsense is they tell you that you've earned a certain amount in revenue, but then at the end of the month they "finalize" the earnings, and the two figures are really far apart. Each month it is different, but it seems as though the "best" I've gotten is 50% of the ad money that they initially said I'd earned. This last month it was closer to 10%.

It's crazy that the projected earnings and the finalized earnings are so different. Obviously there is something wrong with whatever matrix they're using to guess the amount that you've earned. Or they're ripping bloggers like me off. Or both. It stinks, whatever the issue is.

Still, I'm not ready to give up on Adsense. I like the idea of getting some sort of financial compensation for the time I put into this blog. But I'm quite frustrated by it. The time may be coming soon to stop allowing Google to earn money from my intellectual property. I appreciate the space they give me to have a blog, but I'm far from happy with Adsense.

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