Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Website Updates

I made some changes to my website this last weekend. Most of the changes are quite minor, but a couple are a little bigger.

The largest change is that I added a bunch of images to the Railroad gallery. I realized that there weren't nearly enough photographs there, so I dug deep through my hard drive to find some that I thought worthy enough to be included. You can see them in the slideshow at the top of this post.

I also added a couple of images to the Landscapes & Nature gallery. I came across some photographs that I had overlooked when I initially put that gallery together, so I added them.

One other difference that I'd like to point out is I changed the symbol on the tabs (which I understand doesn't work with Safari, but does seem to with other browsers). The default with a SmugMug website is a smiley face. I changed it to a photograph of mine. That's a cool little (very little) customization.

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