Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why I Have Two Photography Blogs

Purple Thistle Blossom Macro - Stallion Springs, California
I was recently asked why I have two different photography blogs. Perhaps you have wondered this yourself. Isn't one enough?

The Roesch Photography Blog, which I started over four years ago, is a "general photography" blog. It's anything and everything related to photography.

There are literally thousands of "general photography" blogs out there on the internet. There are just so many! It's easy to get lost in the crowd. Most have a few followers and that's it.

Can you name 25 photography blogs off hand? I can't. About a dozen come to my mind. Only about half of those a "general photography" blogs. The other half are "specialty photography" blogs. They focus on a specific genre or aspect of photography.

If this blog were to become the 25th most popular "general photography" blog in the world (which it's not even close to), it would still be on the outer fringes of the photography blogging world. My name still wouldn't come to people's minds when they think of photography bloggers. I'd continue to be lost on the vast sea of "general photography" blogs. It's really difficult (and seemingly impossible) to crack that Top-10 list, which is where the relevant bloggers find themselves.

I say that my blog is irrelevant not because of content. I think that I have plenty of quality posts to be considered relevant. But the audience that this blog has is so small that it's irrelevant compared to other bloggers. There are some photography bloggers that would be highly disappointed if one of their posts "only" got the number of page-views in a day that my entire blog gets in a month.

This blog is not likely to ever become popular. There's just too much competition. There are too many other people doing the same (or similar) thing. But what if I had a blog that specializes in a certain aspect of photography? How difficult would it to become a leading blogger in a certain genre?
1956 Chevy Bel Air At Cameron's Dairy - Tehachapi, California
That's why I created The Urban Exploration Photography Blog. My favorite photography subject is abandoned places. So I decided that I'd blog about that. There are not all that many urban exploration photography bloggers out there, so it shouldn't be too difficult to reach the top in that genre. I may never become a household name in photography, but I might just become a household name in this one specialized area.

Of course none of this is about becoming popular. That's not my goal. But if I'm going to have any commercial success, I have to get the word out about my photography. I have to brand and market myself. This is one way (of many) to accomplish that.

So if this blog will never become popular but the other one might, why don't I stop blogging here and focus just on that one blog? Because I have followers here. People read what I post on this blog. The Roesch Photography Blog has steadily grown in popularity every year. It wouldn't be smart to just abandon that.

That's why I have two photography blogs--this one, the Roesch Photography Blog, and the other one, The Urban Exploration Photography Blog. For you that means twice as much content to enjoy.

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