Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 Quick Random Thoughts On Photography

The Old Boron Housing - Boron, California
#1. Yesterday I published an in-depth article on my "other" photography blog that is worth reading. It's about the abandoned Boron Air Force Station in California's Mojave Desert. Click here to take a look!

#2. Street photographer Eric Kim has an interesting article on his blog. He says that you should take at least one crappy photograph each day. Why? One reason is because you'll be photographing daily, which is good practice--the more that you do the better you will become. In other words, it's better to capture a crummy photography daily than to capture no photograph at all. Another reason is that if you set out to capture at least one crappy photograph, you'll soon realize that you have the freedom to make mistakes--not every exposure needs to be great. But that one not-so-good exposure might lead to a great exposure as you continue exercising your photography skills.
Evening At Tunnel View - Yosemite National Park, California
#3. I've got a number of trips planned in the coming weeks and months. Yea! I love to travel, and I love to photograph while traveling. The next planned trip is to Yosemite National Park. The last time that I went to Yosemite it was autumn and all of the waterfalls were dry. I know that it has been a dry year so the falls won't be magnificent, but I am looking forward to seeing them with some water.

#4. I heard someone say something interesting: Often we photograph "things" with our most expensive gear, and we photograph the people that we love with our least-expensive gear. Perhaps that indicates that our life priorities might be off a little.
Valley View - Yosemite National Park, California
#5. Continuing the last thought, does it really matter what camera you use? It doesn't. For example, Valley View (above) was captured using a cell phone. Photographic vision is what matters in photography, not gear.

#6. I think that it's far better to spend money on trips than gear. If you have $2,000 to spend on a new camera, just imagine the great adventure that you could have instead if you used that money for travel. If you have "only" $300 to spend on a new lens, why not use that money for a weekend getaway? For me, great travel trumps great gear every time.
Flare & Flag - Barstow California
Captured using 35mm film.
#7. Is film dead? No, not really. A startup company, New55, recently released a brand-new instant 4"x5" film. They've also developed (pun intended) a new chemical bath that's a developer, stop and fix all-in-one. So instead of immersing your black-and-white negatives in three separate baths, you just do it in one. Oh, and no agitation needed! Pretty cool, huh? Where was this 15 years ago?

#8. Sony is the king of digital camera sensors. In fact, 40% of all camera sensors sold in 2014 were made by Sony. Sony sensors are so much in-demand that they apparently can't keep up. For example, Samsung's highly praised Galaxy S6, which is supposed to have a Sony-made sensor, might not because Samsung ran out of Sony sensors during production. Some models have a Samsung-made sensor instead, which tests have shown to be slightly inferior.
Goldie - Stallion Springs, California
Captured using a Nikon D3200, which uses a Nikon-made sensor.
#9. Nikon makes their own sensors, but they often use Sony and Toshiba sensors instead (especially for their higher-end DSLRs). Still, Nikon's sensors are pretty good, and it's difficult to distinguish the differences between their own and those made by other companies (like Sony).

#10. If you haven't yet check out my new website, you should do so right now (click here). It's the best place to see my best photographs. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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