Friday, June 5, 2015

Check These Out

If you've never visited my website (or haven't visited it in awhile), please take a moment and click this link to have a look-see. That website is the main porthole to all things Roesch Photography. You can see many of my best images. You can send me a message. There are links to my different social media pages. There's even a store where you can purchase high-quality prints. I encourage you to check it out!
If you haven't been to my "other" photography blog (The Urban Exploration Photography Blog) lately, there are tons of good stuff over there to see. Basically, I moved my Abandonment series over there. I update that blog about as often as this one, is if you're not regularly checking it out you are missing out.

Some examples of posts that you may not have seen are Abandoned In BoronMojave Home, Creating Meaning In A Memorable Way and many, many others. So be sure to take a look over there if you haven't lately.

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