Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Story of A Photograph: Foggy Valley

Foggy Valley - Stallion Springs, California
Nikon D3300, ISO 140, f8, 1/125, 55mm, Nikkor 55-300mm AF-S DX f/4-5.6G ED.
Foggy Valley was captured on December 14, 2014. I post-processed it on January 3rd, then completely forgot about it. It sat on my hard drive for months until I stumbled across it recently.

This was captured at one of my favorite spots for photography. It's in my neighborhood not too far from my home. It's known locally as the bench.

From late-fall through early-spring it's not uncommon for California's Central Valley to experience fog--lots of it, in fact. That's what you see in the image: fog covering the Central Valley. The historic Tejon Ranch and The Grapevine are down there underneath the clouds. This vista is about 4,000' above that.

The foreground hills are the Tehachapi Mountains. The hills in the distant (which almost look like an island rising out of the sea) are part of the Southern Coastal Range.

The image has lots of good contrast--the eyes are drawn right in. The upper hills provide a balance to the lower hills. The fog rising through the foreground canyon adds some drama and interest.

I gave the image an infrared look in post-processing. This was to add contrast and accentuate the tones. Color wasn't important to the image so I converted it to black-and-white.

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