Thursday, July 9, 2015

Boy, Film Is Expensive!

Westbound California Highway 58 - Tehachapi, California
Captured using a FED 5c film camera.
Back in May I travelled to Utah (photographs to come shortly, so stay tuned...). I brought with me a FED 5c rangefinder camera and some rolls of film that I have sitting around waiting to be used. I planned to capture the majority of the photographs on this trip with the FED camera, but ended up only exposing one roll of 36 exposure Plus-X 125, and that's it.

My Nikon D3300 got used most of the time. Digital is just so much more convenient than film.

Anyway, I had that one roll of film developed and scanned. The total was $25, over .69 cents per frame! That isn't even including the cost of the film to begin with, or the camera. I remember that not very long ago this was much cheaper.
The Closed Road - Fish Camp, California
Captured using my cell phone.
My cell phone, a Nokia Lumia 1020, which has resolution closer to medium-format, cost me only $100. That's less than the cost of four rolls of film, including development and scan. I can capture thousands of high-quality images with the phone. Plus, it doubles as a cell phone and a mobile computer.

Film is expensive, and the price seems to be increasing. Still, I think it is worth using sometimes. For quality? Maybe. For nostalgia? Probably. Because it slows down the process? Yeah. Because it's fun? Yes.

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