Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Alien Skin's Customer Service Is Fantastic!

Alien Skin's customer service is nothing short of fantastic! I'm left highly impressed.

As you know, I use Alien Skin's Exposure 7 software to post-process my photographs. I achieve the look that I want quickly, easily and accurately. It's really great! It saves me a lot of time and frustration.

The licensing agreement that you accept when you buy the software allows you to activate the software on two computers. You can activate the software on more than two computers if you pay more. This is pretty standard for the industry.

Anyway, I had Exposure on two different computers. One of the computers got a virus, and I had to remove the software as part of a "Refresh" (as Microsoft calls it). But I failed to deactivate Exposure before I did this. If I had deactivated the software I wouldn't have had a problem.

Anyway, I have a new computer and I downloaded the free trial of Exposure 7 onto it. I then tried to activate the software with my activation code, but got a message saying I'd already used the code twice. I immediately sent a message to Alien Skin through their website letting them know the situation, and very quickly I received a response saying that they updated their records and I could now activate the software on my new computer. They were prompt and the process was painless.

Just now I received an e-mail from Alien Skin apologizing for the "issue" that I had. For my troubles, a coupon code was included in the e-mail to receive a discount on one of their other products.

So I mess up, I ask Alien Skin to fix my problem, which they do quickly, and for the trouble I get a discount. I should mess up more often!

Honestly, customer service like this is hard to find. Very few companies treat their customers the way that they should. Adobe certainly doesn't. Alien Skin does.

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