Thursday, August 6, 2015

Urban Design Cityscapes In Monochrome

Salt Lake Cityscape - Salt Lake City, Utah
Captured from on top of the downtown public library. A telephoto lens was used to flatten the scene.
On my recent trip to Utah I captured a number of photographs that are a bit different than my usual images. I made a number of "cityscapes" in black-and-white, many abstract in nature. Contrast played a major role in many of the photographs. 

I didn't set out to capture cityscapes. Before embarking on the journey to Utah I had planned to capture grand landscapes. And I did do that. But I kept getting drawn to the urban design that I encountered.

Some were captured in Las Vegas. Some in Salt Lake City. A couple were captured in Barstow, which is far from "urban" but provided me with some opportunities nonetheless. The location isn't as important as the vision of the photographer.
Window Shadows - Las Vegas, Nevada
The window in our hotel room. This image is about light and shadow and not much else.
The Best Palm To Buy - Las Vegas, Nevada
Perhaps this image says "suburban" more than urban. I like the geometry within this photograph.
Train Car Window Abstract - Barstow, California
This image is repeated lines made by light and shadow from open windows.
Diagonal Lines - Barstow, California
I turned the camera to make the lines diagonal, which also creates three triangles. Otherwise, it's just a boring stucco wall.
Library View - Salt Lake City, Utah
This is the side of the downtown public library building. I wanted to include the distant building with the flag for depth, but I think the image may have been stronger without it in the frame.
Library Interior - Salt Lake City, Utah
This is inside the downtown public library. There's a lot going on, but repeated lines and contrast hold it all together. 
Three Closed Umbrellas - Salt Lake City, Utah
Captured from on top of the downtown public library. I liked the white umbrellas against the dark structure, and also the fact that there were three of them (a good number for photography). 

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