Friday, September 4, 2015

Awesomeness: Anything Can Be - Bringing Hope To Kids With Cancer

Rae and Unicorn by Jonathan Diaz
Here is something awesome that I just saw. You could call this your feel-good story of the day. There is a photographer, Jonathan Diaz, in Salt Lake City, Utah who decided to use his camera and post-processing skills to bring a little hope and joy to kids who are battling cancer. This is probably the coolest thing I've seen a photographer do!

Jonathan started the non-profit organization Anything Can Be with the mission "to create lasting hope and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer by taking the dreams of pediatric cancer patients and bringing them to life through the power of photography and art. To inspire young cancer fighters to believe in the impossible, hope for miracles and find the courage to make their dreams come true."
Annika Fashion Designer by Jonathan Diaz
On September 8th a book entitled True Heroes will be published by Shadow Mountain. It features pediatric cancer patients in Jonathan's photographs, and includes fairy tales and heroic short stories based on the photographs. The profits from the book go to the Anything Can Be project for "future childhood dream making." The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon. It seems like a great addition to your kid's library or an excellent Christmas gift.

This is such an amazing thing! It's great to see someone use their talents to bring a bit of happiness and hope to young kids going through a tough experience. If there were more people like Jonathan Diaz, this world would be a much better place. I encourage you to check out his "dream blog" (click here) and, if you find it in your heart, donate to Anything Can Be and/or buy the True Heroes book.
Carson Bull Rider by Jonathan Diaz


  1. This is so awesome! He obviously has great talent and a good heart!!

    1. Yes, it seems as though God has given him an extra amount of talent in his brain and compassion in his heart.