Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunsets - Yes, It's Worth It!

An August Sunrise - Stallion Springs, California
"Great sunsets don't happen every day," I said last week in my Sunsets Captured From My Yard post. "Typically there are only one or two per month worth photographing. Sometimes you get lucky and there might be a handful in one month."
Pioneer Cabin - Yosemite NP, California
This is at sunset, but isn't a sunset image.

Someone wanted to know if it is an inefficient use of your time to photograph sunsets. If the odds are against you that the sunset will be great and worth capturing, why would someone want to "waste" their time when that time could be better spent doing other things.

There are several good reasons to be out with your camera at sunset. Even though the colorful sky show will likely be less than spectacular, it's not a waste of time.

First, great photography is just as much about being in the right place at the right time as anything else. If you aren't out with your camera in hand you will miss the great image. It's quite simple--if you are pursuing great images you will do what it takes to give yourself the opportunities to do so. That means being out ready to capture at sunset.

Second, there are other things to photograph besides the sunset. Turn around a look behind you. Look to your left and your right. This is the golden hour and there are plenty of things to capture besides the setting sun. If the sunset wasn't great, no big deal, because you've still captured something good.
Summer Grass - Stallion Springs, California
This sunset wasn't all that great.

 Third, with some creativity, even a ho-hum sunset can be used in a great photograph. Think outside-the-box. Do something unexpected. Do the best you can with what's given and you'll be surprised at what you can create.

Yes, it's worth it! It's not a waste of time to be out at sunset with your camera. You'll miss a ton of photographic opportunities if you stay indoors. Don't miss great photographs because you're afraid that it's an inefficient use of your time. In reality, it's the best use of your photographic time.

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