Friday, September 4, 2015

What Flickr Says Are My Five Greatest Photographs

In yesterday's post I told you what I think are my five best photographs. But I also acknowledged that I may not even know what my best images are.
"...the photographer is rarely the one who decides which photograph or photographs that they are remembered for. Often photographers have an emotional connection to their exposures which make them biased. It's difficult for a photographer to know which of his or her photographs are really the best." --Ritchie Roesch
This morning I decided to see what Flickr thinks are my five greatest photographs (or, as Flickr puts it, my "most popular Flickr bits, sorted by interestingness"). Not that I think a computer algorithm, with input from random strangers, is the most accurate way to determine which photographs are indeed best. But it is interesting to see that perspective.

Below, rated from #5 to #1, are my five greatest photographs as determined by Flickr.
Pacific Sunset - Morro Bay, California
This is one of my favorite images, and I considered including it in my top five, but it was edged out by a few other photographs. Interestingly, this was captured moments after Sunset At Morro Rock. I think the little detail that elevates it are the birds in the distant flying south.
Red Field, Green Field - Tehachapi, California
Another favorite photograph of mine, this one has been published a couple of times. It also serves as the first image on the homepage of my website.
Lenticular Sunset - Cantil, California
Literally, this was captured from my car window. I was driving down the highway when these unusual clouds turned brilliant. I pulled over, rolled down the window and snapped this picture.
1956 Chevy Bel Air At Cameron's Dairy - Tehachapi, California
This is one of my favorite abandonment photographs. It was even published in a magazine. Still, I'm quite surprised that it ranks #2 on this list. 
Sunset At Morro Rock - Morro Bay, California
Ranked #1, this is the only photograph that made both my top five and Flickr's top five lists. I think, if anything, that it confirms that it is indeed one of my greatest photographs. It was captured just three minutes prior to Pacific Sunset above. That's what I call a successful photography outing!

One observation is that sunset photographs are popular, with three out of five captured at sunset. Another observation is that color photographs are more popular than monochrome. I often prefer black-and-white, but I seem to be in the minority. One of these photographs was captured really close to my home, proving that you don't have to travel to capture great images. Four of these images were captured using an inexpensive entry-level DSLR meant for beginners, which proves that vision is more important than gear.

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