Thursday, October 8, 2015

Canon PowerShot N Sample Images

Two Birds Holga - Stallion Springs, California
This cross-processed Holga look was created automatically in camera and was not post-processed.
I bought my wife a new digital camera--a Canon PowerShot N--and I've had a chance to use it a little myself. It's an interesting camera that's fun to shoot with. It certainly has a quick workflow.

I thought I'd share the first photographs that I've captured with the camera. I exposed these in my yard and at a local park two days ago. I was just playing around with he camera, trying to figure out how it all works.

Next week I'll be publishing a full review of the Canon PowerShot N, so be watching for that. All of the camera details will be included in that article. In the meantime enjoy these photographs!
Light Through The Leaves - Stallion Springs, California
Another cross-processed look created by the camera. I did a small amount of post-processing.
Yellow Tree, Blue Sky - Stallion Springs, California
This image was also created automatically by the camera. I did a small amount of post-processing.
Crescent Moon - Stallion Springs, California
This was a daylight image of the moon. I cropped the image, converted it to monochrome, and darkened the blue to look like a black night sky, simulating the use of a red filter.
The Dead Tree - Stallion Springs, California
I cropped this image and converted it to monochrome in post-processing.
Reflection Abstract - Stallion Springs, California
The camera automatically created this crop from an image similar to the one below. It looked painterly so I enhanced that effect in post-processing.
Tree Reflection - Stallion Springs, California
A cross-processed look created automatically in-camera. I did a small amount of post-processing.
The Hidden Lookout - Stallion Springs, California
I post-processed this photograph minimally.
Morning Nature - Stallion Springs, California
I post-processed this image minimally.

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