Friday, November 13, 2015

As Winter Approaches - Or, Photographing During The Daily Routine

Reversing Rain - Tehachapi, California
A week and a half ago an autumn storm rolled through. The sky turned grey, the temperature dropped, rain began to fall, and the mountain peaks got dusted with snow. The weather briefly turned winter-like.

Outside became less inviting. This was a day that sipping coffee while in the warm indoors was ideal. But life doesn't stop just because the weather changes. Daily activities still need to be done.
California Oak - Stallion Springs, California
Part of my Impressions series.
Recently I purchased a Sony RX100 II camera. It delivers DSLR-like image quality but in a camera body that's small enough to comfortably fit into one's pocket. This makes it perfect for just carrying around. There really is no excuse for not having a camera with you if you own this camera.

On this day I had my Sony RX100 II with me the whole day. As I went out-and-about doing this and that, I was able to capture images whenever something struck me as worth photographing. It was great!
Hill & Low Clouds - Tehachapi, California
At the top, Reversing Rain was captured from inside of my car while I was at the gas station filling the car with gasoline. I was at my mailbox--we have a community mailbox cluster about a half-mile from our house--when I captured California Oak (two images above) and An Unusual Nature (below). Hill & Low Clouds (above) was captured while running errands in town.

If not for the fact that I had a camera with me these photographs wouldn't exist. This demonstrates the importance of having a camera with you wherever you go. Especially now, as autumn turns to winter, as the weather becomes interesting and unpredictable, it's important to have a way to capture it. Even if photography isn't the main reason you are out and about.
An Unusual Nature - Stallion Springs, California

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