Thursday, November 19, 2015

Downtown Palmdale, California

Circus Vargas - Palmdale, California
I was in Palmdale, California two weeks ago with a little time to kill, so I decided to photograph the downtown area. Palmdale is a dumpy city across the mountains from the L.A. basin. Many people live here because it's cheaper than living "down below" in the big city. It's found in the dry Mojave Desert, and the wind blows relentlessly.

Downtown Palmdale is small. You might pass through it without noticing. It's an area known for crime, and I was aware of this as I strolled around with my Sony RX100 II in hand. I wouldn't want to be here after dark.

There weren't many people walking around. Lots of cars drove past, but I was just about the only one on foot. Many of the buildings had empty spaces with "for rent" signs on the windows. It seemed appropriate.

I came away with three images. I wanted them to have a vintage feel, so I post-processed them using Alien Skin Exposure 7 and chose some vintage-looking color presets. Getting the film-look that I want is easy using this software--it saves me so much time over the "traditional" method of adjusting curves and manually manipulating things.
Palmdale, Reflected - Palmdale, California
No Waiting - Palmdale, California

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