Thursday, November 26, 2015

Out For An Autumn Walk (...With My Sony RX100 II....)

Reflected Darkly - Stallion Springs, California
Earlier this month I walked around my neighborhood. I brought along with me a Sony RX100 II camera and captured the sights I saw. It was a cool, overcast day. It threatened to rain but didn't.

My neighborhood sits in a rural area in central California's Tehachapi Mountains. It's a quiet place. There are ranches, hills, rocks and trees. It's not uncommon to see deer and elk, but I didn't see either on this walk.

The Sony RX100 II fits comfortably into a pocket, so it was great camera to carry around on this stroll. A DSLR is no fun because it's so bulky and heavy and it has to hang around your neck (which gets old after awhile). The small Sony camera handled everything just fine--no surprise, because it's a good camera.

The trek totaled one mile--half-a-mile down and half-a-mile back. Within that distance of my house I found several things worth photographing. Autumn colors were showing in some of the trees, which provided a subject for a couple images.

I bet within a short distance of your house there are photographic opportunities, as well. Take a walk through your neighborhood with a camera, actively looking for potential pictures. You'll be surprised at what you find. Even if you think that where you live is boring and ordinary, I suspect that you'll find something worth capturing.

A lot of times it's just a matter of getting out with a camera. As you begin to actively look around the creativity begins to flow. Pretty soon you're noticing all sorts of things that you would have otherwise overlooked. It's amazing how inspiration seems to always follow the simple decision to go.
Country Sage - Stallion Springs, California
It's Not Easy Being Green - Stallion Springs, California
Leaves & Stone - Stallion Springs, California
A Tehachapi Mountain Landscape - Stallion Springs, California

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