Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Autumn Photographs 2015

A Lovely Fall Day - June Lake, California
Today is the first day of winter. It has felt like winter for several weeks now, but today it's official. This means that autumn of 2015 has come and gone. It's over, vanished like the once green leaves that used to clothe the now barren trees.

I decided to go back and look at my fall foliage photographs captured over the last three months. In this post you will find my autumn images from this year.

Autumn is an excellent time for color photography. The trees put on a vibrant show. Everything changes. In a short time the weather turns from too hot to too cold. The trees turn color and then lose their leaves.

For these photographs I used several different cameras, including a Nikon D3300, Sony RX100 II and a Canon N. I bet you can't tell which photographs are from which camera. That's because vision is more important than gear. Several of the images are a part of my Impressions series.

An Orange Tree - June Lake, California
Pops of Fall Colors - Silver Lake, California
Yellow Streak - Mammoth Lakes, California
Pine Tree Grove - Mono Canyon, California
Autumn Colors In Mono Canyon - Mono Canyon, California
Green And Yellow Trees - Mono Canyon, California
Patch of Yellow - Mono Canyon, California
Autumn Yellow - Mono Canyon, California
Turning Trees - Convict Lake, California
Autumn Beginnings - Stallion Springs, California
Leaves & Stone - Stallion Springs, California
It's Not Easy Being Green - Stallion Springs, California
Elk In The Neighborhood, Autumn 2015 - Stallion Springs, California
California Autumn - Redlands, California
When Autumn Turns To Winter - Stallion Springs, California

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