Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Canon Tries To Buy Sigma, Is Rejected...

Back In October I mentioned that Canon's upcoming multi-layer sensor might put Sigma's camera business out of business, and I gave a few guesses of who might purchase the Foveon technology from Sigma. One company that I didn't guess was Canon.

Canon recently offered to buy Sigma. Not just the Foveon part, but the whole thing. I'm not sure if Canon was most interested in the sensor department or the lens department or something else entirely. But they attempted to buy the company for some reason.

Apparently the money Canon offered was too low, because Sigma turned them down. Sigma will remain independent, at least for now. Perhaps Sigma is not interested in being bought, but I think everything is for sale if the price is right. Canon's price simply wasn't the right price.

On a side note, I mentioned Samsung as one potential Foveon buyer. It looks like Samsung is pulling out of the camera business. They have already stopped selling cameras in a couple of markets. It's just a matter of time before they stop selling cameras altogether.

That's too bad because Samsung actually makes pretty good cameras. Their lenses in particular are good (better than Sony's) and they have made some interesting innovations. It just wasn't enough to get the sales Samsung thought they could get.

I think it is possible that Sony could buy Samsung's camera department. They have purchased other camera brands and parts manufacturers in the past. In fact, Sony cameras are descendants of Minolta. More recently Sony purchased Toshiba's camera sensor business. Sony could benefit from Samsung's lenses. But who knows. It's difficult to predict these things.

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