Saturday, December 26, 2015

Denny's Diner In Monochrome

Denny's - Tehachapi, California
My family and I frequent Denny's Diner. I mean, we're not there every single day and the staff doesn't know us by name, but when we do eat out there's a reasonable chance that the place we choose is Denny's. Kids eat free on certain nights, sometimes we have a coupon, the place never closes, and there's something for everyone, including the picky eaters.

Occasionally I have brought a camera with me to the restaurant. And, every so often, I have captured an image or two inside. The photographs in this post were captured using a variety of cameras, including a Sigma DP2 Merrill, Nikon D3300 and a Sony RX100 II. Gear doesn't really matter, vision does.

These images are related to Street Photography, but purists of that genre will argue that indoor photographs don't count. Whenever you are photographing people unaware and capturing the human condition, to me, whether indoors or outdoors, that's street photography. But, perhaps, the broader "photojournalism" title is most appropriate. Or maybe I should simply not care what label someone might put on these.

Whenever I go to Denny's I like to order breakfast, no matter the time of the day. I like to sip on a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the company I'm with (my family). Just as long as my two-year-old son isn't cranky, it's an enjoyable experience. And if I also capture a good photograph while I'm there, well, that's just a bonus.

The Bright Lights of Chance - Tehachapi, California
Lonely Diner - Mojave, California
Denny's Diner - Tehachapi, California

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