Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Depressed Monochrome Landscape Photographs

Life Is Too Short - Stallion Springs, California
A lone tree drooping in the thick fog.
Photography is a form of nonverbal communication. As such photographs can convey emotions. Viewers can be moved by an image. Photography can effect one's feelings.

There are, of course, many different emotions: anger, fear, sadness, joy, disgust, shame, love, etc. The number of different human emotions varies depending on who you ask. But there are many that are easily recognized and understood. You can impart these to the viewer through photography.

How do these photographs make you feel? What is your emotional response?
There Is No Life In This Place - Lancaster, California
A roadside memorial in the dry, forsaken desert.
The images in this post all communicate sadness. These are depressed monochrome landscape photographs. All sorts of different cameras were used to capture these, but gear isn't important so I won't mentions which ones.

Each image conveys sadness differently. Some rely more on tones and (low) contrast. For some the subject itself is what's depressing. Decay, death, trash, obscurity, forsakenness and abandonment all play a role--something we can all relate to in some way. In some images the emotion is more obvious and straight-forward and in others it is more obscure and metaphoric. 

Photography is powerful in that it can affect your emotions. One should consider how the photograph will feel. You have control over this. Make choices before opening the shutter and in post-processing that will give your images the emotion that you want them to have.
Dale Detjen - Mojave, California
The marking of one's tragic death.
Two White Crosses - Rosamond, California
The marking of two tragic deaths.
Rene Rios - Palmdale, California
A no-longer-maintained roadside memorial.
Cross & Thorns - Palmdale, California
The forgotten and unnecessary death of a child.
Mems Poe - Newberry Springs, California
An abandoned billboard in the empty desert is a haunting reminder of a once fun place.
Broken Gate, Broken Home - Mojave, California
A broken fence at an abandoned home.
A Desert Dream Abandoned - Atolia, California
Alone in the harsh desert, abandoned and forgotten.
Abandoned Desert Trailer - Mojave, California
Dreams of travel decaying in the desert winds.
Tree, Fence - Big Sur, California
Old fence and a dying tree succumbing to nature.
An Old Dead Tree - Stallion Springs, California
The title explains this one pretty well.
A Tree In The Fog - Stallion Springs, California
An oak tree obscured darkly in the fog.
Oak Tree In Fog #3 - Stallion Springs, California
A dormant oak hiding in the fog.
Horse In The Rain - Tehachapi, California
Lonely horse out in the wet, cold weather.
Uncertain Sea - Oxnard, California
The ocean is vast yet forlorn. It is constantly in motion, yet never really moves.

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