Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sony RX100 II Image Stabilization Rocks!

Illuminated Window - Tehachapi, California
ISO 1600, 2/5 (or 0.4 seconds), f/4.5, 80mm, handheld!
The Sony RX100 II's image stabilization impressed me once again! Last month I posted that I was able to get a sharp handheld exposure using the RX100 II at 3/5th of a second. That's extraordinary! But it wasn't a fluke. Look at Illuminated Window--it's a sharp 2/5th of a second exposure that was handheld (no tripod!).

I was inspired by the work of Troy Paiva, who photographs abandoned buildings at night, using light painting techniques. Often interiors will be illuminated by color lights. His work is nothing short of fantastic.

The structure in my photograph isn't abandoned. Actually it is a pump house. And I didn't light paint. The interior light is from a heater that's to prevent the pipes from freezing on cold nights. Still, I thought it had a similar feel to Troy's photographs.

Even though I used ISO 1600, I had to lighten the shadows and mid-tones a bit. Because of this the digital noise looks more like ISO 2000-2400-ish. For this camera that's pushing the limits for sure.

What's amazing, though, is that this image was even possible. I didn't have a tripod with me, so it had to be handheld. Because the largest aperture at this focal length is f/4.5 and the highest practical ISO is 1600, that determined that I needed a 2/5 shutter speed. That is almost half a second with the shutter open! Yet, because of the great image stabilization on the RX100 II, I was still able to get a sharp photograph. It's unbelievable!

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