Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tehachapi Christmas Parade 2015

Parading Fire Trucks - Tehachapi, California
I live in the quaint town of Tehachapi, California. This is small town America--you know, where it's common to run into people you know at the grocery store. There's a nice charm to it that simply doesn't exist in big cities.

Every year Tehachapi has a Christmas parade through downtown. People gather along the streets and cheer as emergency vehicles, school marching bands and home-made floats slowly pass by. Christmas music plays softly from speakers attached to the light posts. It ends with Mr. and Mrs. Claus waving to the crowd, and is followed by the annual tree-lighting ceremony.

My family and I try to go every year. It's become a Christmas tradition for us. And, since we are moving out-of-state next spring, this was our last opportunity to experience the parade.

As is typical, since we are in the Tehachapi Mountains, the weather was a bit chilly. We dressed warm in heavy jackets and beanies. We found a spot along the curb. No surprise, we ran across some friends.

I brought along my Sony RX100 II camera. Despite the limited high-ISO capabilities, the camera did a fine job of hand-held existing-light night photography. I post-processed the images using Alien Skin Exposure 7 software. This post is just a sampling the photographs captured that night.
Parade Watching - Tehachapi, California
Parade Watcher - Tehachapi, California
Looking At The Lights - Tehachapi, California
Street Vendor - Tehachapi, California
Sikh Rider - Tehachapi, California

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