Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Always Look Around You [For Photographic Opportunities]

Sun Rays Over Cummings Mountain - Tehachapi, California
I stopped to capture this photograph.
Lost Truck Hood - Tehachapi, California
Then I noticed this scene just to my right.
When you photograph something, you should always look for other potential photographic opportunities right around you. There might be other things worth pointing your camera at next to you or behind you.

I've had this happen to me many times. I stopped to photograph something (like Sun Rays Over Cummings Mountain) and then noticed something else right next to me (like Lost Truck Hood). I might not have noticed the second image if I hadn't purposefully looked around for other potential photographs.

Many times these photographs can be captured without doing anything more than twisting your body left or right. Sometimes you might have to take a few steps one direction or another. Typically you don't have to go far and the physical effort is very minimal.

Mostly it takes mental effort. You've got to switch gears. It takes quickly coming up with a different photographic vision than what you just had in your mind.

You might not find anything else worth photographing while you are capturing something. That happens. But many times there is something else worth photographing nearby. You've got to actively look for it. You've got to search it out. Most likely it's there, just out of your frame. Seek it out.

A little extra mental effort can yield interesting images. Take a moment and look around. Don't be in such a hurry. There's probably more things worth capturing right where you are at.
Shoots & Ladder - Pasadena, California
This is what I noticed first.
Well Can - Pasadena, California
Then I looked behind me and found this. I had to take just a few steps.
Morning Coffee - Tehachapi, California
I captured this reflection inside of a Starbucks.
Love - Tehachapi, California
Then I noticed this right behind me.
Sunset At Morro Rock - Morro Bay, California
There were many other people at the beach photographing the sunset, but it appeared that I was the only one with a lens pointed towards the landmark rock.
Pacific Sunset - Morro Bay, California
This is what everyone else was capturing, but because I looked for other potential photographs I was able to capture both images.
Salt Lake City Towers - Salt Lake City, Utah
I captured five different photographs while standing in the same place on top of the Salt Lake City downtown library. I moved no more than a couple of steps between the photographs. First image captured at 10:45 AM.
Salt Lake Cityscape - Salt Lake City, Utah
Second image captured about 30 seconds later at 10:46 AM.
Mountains From Downtown - Salt Lake City, Utah
Third image captured a minute later at 10:47 AM.
Three Closed Umbrellas - Salt Lake City, Utah
Fourth image captured at 10:48 AM, one minute later.
University Boulevard - Salt Lake City, Utah
Fifth image captured two-and-a-half minutes later at 10:51 AM, six minutes after the first. All of the photographs were captured from the same spot, just different angles and focal lengths.

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