Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just Returned From Cambria, California

Red Chairs - Cambria, California
There are two places in California that are, in my opinion, essential travel destinations: Yosemite National Park and California's Central Coast. These two locations need to be high on your "bucket list" if you've never been before. Sure, there are many other great stops in California, but these two are the best of the best.

The Central Coast is vast, and just where it begins and ends is debatable. I'd say that Pismo Beach marks the south end and Monterey marks the north. Other people might include more of the coastline and some might include less. In the middle of California's Central Coast sits the quaint town of Cambria.
Lone Surfer - Cambria, California
Situated in tree-covered hills and partially on the coastline is Cambria, a town of about 6,000 people along the Pacific Coast Highway. It was founded in 1862, and several historic buildings still stand. The town has many non-chain hotels, restaurants and shops. It's a beautiful and charming small coastal burg, and perhaps my favorite town in all of California.

Cambria is situated well to explore the Central Coast. Everything is within driving reach. Many of the best sights are close by. This is a great home-base for visiting the region.
Cambria West - Cambria, California
We just returned from three days and two nights in Cambria. We found a hotel room with a private patio that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. The free breakfast was provided by a local bakery (and it was delicious). We roamed the coast. Visited Hearst Castle. It was a great time!

It will take me a month or two to post-process the photographs. It's better to wait a bit to edit photographs than to do it right away because time helps remove the emotional attachment to the exposures. It's easier to judge which photographs are actually good and which ones are not.

The photographs in this post are from previous visits to Cambria. I would love to spend more time there and photograph the place even more. Heck, if it wasn't so darn expensive I'd love to live there! But that won't happen, unless someone is willing to spend a million or two on one of my photographs. Any takers?

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