Monday, January 11, 2016

Waiting With A Camera [At The Eye Doctor]

Watching & Listening - Palmdale, California
My wife had an eye doctor appointment at the mall in Palmdale, California. As you can imagine there was plenty of waiting. I had my three young kids with me, and it was my responsibility to keep them from running off or otherwise getting into trouble and breaking things or hurting themselves.

Also, I had a Sony RX100 II digital camera with me.

Anytime can be photography time. There are photographic opportunities daily if you have a camera with you and are actively looking for potential pictures.

In the moments of waiting, while entertaining the kids, I found a few different subjects worth capturing. Someone talking on their cell phone. My daughter very bored. A mannequin behind glass with the word "Lens" reflected where an eye should be (but isn't).

You should have a camera with you as often as possible, and you should look for opportunities to use your camera. Even if it doesn't seem like a situation that could produce good images, you never know if an interesting photograph will present itself. If you don't have a camera and if you are not actively looking, you will miss it.

A small camera that fits into your pocket is most ideal. Your cell phone can be good--you usually have it in your pocket and the camera quality is often acceptable. A camera like the Sony RX100 II (and there are many other similar options) has better image quality and more versatility. A DSLR is just too big and bulky to carry with you everywhere you go.

A boring visit to the eye doctor in the mall on an ordinary day can yield good photographs. It's just a matter of being ready.
Reflected Thought - Palmdale, California
Lens - Palmdale, California

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