Wednesday, February 17, 2016

News: Pentax K-1 Full-Frame DSLR

Pentax officially announced the long-rumored K-1 full-frame DSLR. The camera features a 36 megapixel sensor (presumably made by Sony and probably the same sensor found in the Nikon D810). It's weather-sealed. It doesn't have an anti-aliasing filter. The image stabilization is built into the camera. It sounds like a solid "pro" camera.

One interesting feature is called "pixel-shift" that takes multiple exposures, shifting the sensor one pixel between exposures, which captures the full image in each color channel. This is faux Foveon, giving results similar to using multi-layered sensors. Think high-resolution, ultra-sharp images. The drawback is that the camera must be on a tripod and nothing in the scene can move during the exposures. So it's very limited in practical use.

While any k-mount lens can be used on this camera, most modern autofocus k-mount lenses are made for APS-C cameras. You'll have a strong vignette as only the middle of the sensor will get exposed to light. However, Pentax is introducing 12 full-frame lenses to go along with this camera.

The best part of the K-1 is the price: $1,800 for the body. That's significantly cheaper than the Nikon D810 ($3,000) and a little cheaper than the Sony AR7 ($1,900), which are this camera's closest competitors. The K-1 has a couple of features that those cameras lack, so it makes this an intriguing choice.

The Pentax K-1 will be available in April.

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