Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Days In California

Winter Living - Tehachapi, California
This El Niño winter has brought several different snow storms to central California. During December and January a few of these storms dropped cold white fluffy stuff on my local area. And I took a few pictures of it.

These photographs were captured using a Sony RX100 II. It's not a weather-sealed camera, so I had to be careful using it in the snow. A small mistake and the camera's ruined. It's not the best scenario to be in, but I exercised caution and the camera came out unscathed.

I post-processed the images using Alien Skin Exposure X. This is the latest version of Exposure, released a couple of months ago. It's not a lot different than the previous version, but the changes are all positive. 
White Christmas - Tehachapi, California
Frosted Hill - Tehachapi, California
A Dusting of Snow At Dawn - Mojave, California
This was a pre-sunrise exposure captured handheld--no tripod needed.
Snow On Fence - Tehachapi, California
Fence In January - Tehachapi, California
Snow & Wind - Tehachapi, California
Handheld night exposure--gotta love image stabilization!
Cold Wind - Tehachapi, California
At The Summit - Tehachapi, California
Winter Lamps - Tehachapi, California

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