Saturday, February 13, 2016

Two Years With Nokia Lumia 1020

If you were to ask on a camera forum what gear you need to be a photographer, you'll likely be told that a DSLR is essential. Some will suggest a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, but that's essentially the same thing. What you probably won't find is someone suggesting that you use your cell phone.

I shared a photograph on social media, and someone commented that the image made them want to buy a DSLR. They were using the camera on their cell phone to take pictures, but were dissatisfied with the results. The funny thing is that the photograph I posted was captured with my cell phone. The person obviously didn't realize this.

If your photographs stink, it's not the camera's fault! Any camera in the hands of a skilled photographer is capable of capturing great images. A cell phone is just as legitimate a photographic tool as a DSLR is. So if your photographs aren't good enough, it's not a change in gear that's needed.

I've owned my Nokia Lumia 1020 cell phone for two years now (as of yesterday). It's never been my "primary" camera, but I do always have it with me. The best camera you own is the one that's with you when you need it. Often that's the one in your pocket, the one that's also a phone.

A couple of these photographs have been published in magazines. Some have been sold as stock images. All were captured using my Lumia 1020.

Keep Out The Sun - Tehachapi, California
Boss Hog - Tehachapi, California
Better Days Behind - Tehachapi, California
Oven - Cuddy Valley, California
Crumbling Commode - Cuddy Valley, California
Fame - Mojave, California
Forgotten Folding Chairs - Cuddy Valley, California
Yellow / Blue - Mojave, California
Dips In Pavement - Mojave, California
Old Broken Hinge - Mojave, California
Boarded Up Window - Mojave, California
Blue Chair - Tehachapi, California
Purple Beretta - Tehachapi, California
The Compaq Desert - Mojave, California
A California Home - Stallion Springs, California
The Isolated Stairs - Bakersfield, California
Do Not Block Door - Tehachapi, California
No Parking - Bakersfield, California
Valley View - Yosemite National Park, California
Cummings Valley Sun Rays - Tehachapi, California
Sunset Through The Oak Trees - Stallion Springs, California
Sunset From The Pass - Tehachapi, California
Some Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
An August Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
Stallion Springs Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
Joshua Tree Morning Silhouette - Mojave, California
Highway To Hope - Mojave, California
Trail View - Tehachapi, California
The Yellow Desert - Mojave, California
The Closed Road - Fish Camp, California
Evening Hall - Stallion Springs, California
Skateboarding - Stallion Springs, California
Supervising - Stallion Springs, California

Daffodil Close Up - Stallion Springs, California
Flower Cluster - Stallion Springs, California
White Flower Pedals - Stallion Springs, California
Big Creek Bridge And Coast - Big Sur, California
Rainy Day In The Desert - Rosamond, California
Horse In The Rain - Tehachapi, California
Soledad Mountain - Mojave, California
Soledad Joshua Trees - Mojave, California
This View Never Gets Old - Stallion Springs, California
Columbia Rock - Yosemite National Park, California
Energy - Tehachapi, California
McLane - Rosamond, California
Shawn Miller - Tehachapi, California
Hanging Barbed Wire - Stallion Springs, California
Forgotten Cans - Mojave, California
Knob - Mojave, California
Cassette Player - Tehachapi, California

Abandoned In The Tehachapi Mountains - Tehachapi, California
Shadows of Abandonment - Mojave, California
Ghosts of the Past - Mojave, California
Living Room View - Tehachapi, California
Tire, Abandoned Ranch - Tehachapi, California
Home Love - Cuddy Valley, California
Cactus, House - Mojave, California
Roof - Mojave, California
Broken Wind Farm - Tehachapi, California
Lunch In The Cafeteria - Stallion Springs, California
Metal Bird Abstract - Tehachapi, California
Stealth Flight - Palmdale, California
We Will Deliver - Rosamond, California
The Train Meet - Rosamond, California

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