Tuesday, March 15, 2016

$150 a Month Will Get You Unlimited Photography Gear

Did you hear this? A new startup company, Parachut, is offering a subscription-based photo gear service. For "just" $150 a month ($100 for the first month) you get unlimited access to cameras and lenses and such. Keep the gear as long as you'd like or swap it out for something different.

They don't promise that you'll get exactly what you ask for, but only something equivalent. It may or may not be the brand or model you wanted. I guess if it isn't exactly what you'd like you can always ship it back (with included shipping labels) and get something else.

It's $1,800 per year for the service. Considering that many photographers spend that much and more on gear each year, this could be a good money-savings option. It could be a good option for photography bloggers like myself who review gear. I could have a different camera to review each month.

Still, I haven't spent that much money on gear in a single year ever. Maybe total over my entire photography pursuit, but never anything close to that in a year. It's better to invest in experiences and not gear.

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